Tang Wei Fighting Method Influential Systems

Tang Wei Fighting Method is an intentional distillation of the best martial principles that we have had the privilege of gaining access to.  There are a few systems that have contributed a lot, and many that have contributed sufficient that they all bear mentioning.

TWFM Primary Influential Systems

  1. Ge Jian Pai
  2. Trul Kor (Tibetan Ghost System)
  3. Tai Ji Quan
  4. Tui Na Qin Na
  5. Bagua Zhang
  6. Zi Ran Men
  7. Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa Quan
  8. Pankration
  9. Shao lin
  10. Vajra/Verrani
  11. Shimabaru Ninjitsu
  12. Shui Pai Gong Fu
  13. Splashing Hand
  14. Kong Que Men
  15. Wing Chun Gong Fu (AKA Yong Chun Gong Fu in Mandarin)
  16. Tao Ai (Dao Li in Mandarin)
  17. Dim Mak (Dian Mai in Mandarin)
  18. Lin Gui

Supplemental Influential Systems:
(Acquired from TWMAA living members study prior to and supplemental to TWFM):

Kenpo Karate
Shotokan Karate
Bareknuckle Boxing
POST Defensive Tactics
CACC Wrestling
Jeet Kun Do/Jie Quan Dao
Tae Kwon Do
Wado Ryu Karate
Hung Gar Gung Fu

2 thoughts on “Tang Wei Fighting Method Influential Systems

  1. I Actually Read This Article And Found IT Very Informative. And The New System, New Bridged Program, The (Wu Ji Quan Fa) And Tang Wel Martail Arts Association. Wow! Will Be Back!


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