Why Train in the Tang Wei Fighting Method?

1 – TWFM Is a Comprehensive System  

Tang Wei is comprised of the best of 20+ primary systems having already undergone decades of living refinement under the current team of instructors as well as hundreds of years of historical refinement from past generations.  Normally to acquire what is combined in this system a practitioner would have to travel extensively in the hopes of finding qualified teachers and hope to learn it then integrate it on their own.  Here you are able to reap the fruits of such efforts made over decades.  We have sought to provide a true one-stop shop for those wanting to learn combat martial arts.  Striking, kicking, grappling, ground fighting, weapon usage and defense, firearm training, internal energy, combat mindset, eastern philosophy, eastern arts of meditation, healing, health, fitness and longevity are all brought together under one umbrella.

2 – Resource Rich Instruction

Official Tang Wei instruction is administered through the Tang Wei Martial Arts Association (TWMAA) which is an association of instructors who bring over 100 years of cumulative relevant experience both instructing in the martial arts and operating in fields incorporating the use of martial skills.  The team approach allows practitioners to get a diversity of explanations and perspectives so they can learn as quickly as possible.  The association approach is also used to maintain quality of instruction on every topic covered.


3 – Fast Paced, Advanced Instruction

Having as much to share in the system as we do, we really don’t teach “beginner”/”stepping stone” material.  Instruction from Day One is detailed while being fast and focused.  Material is relevant from the start.  Everything is done to ensure that a student’s effort, time and money yields maximum results with minimal wasted time.  In short, it is our focus to make you good, fast.

4 – We Train Rather than Teach

We train the material dynamically in class; we don’t send you home with required homework necessary to progress.  These are not classes where you come one time and it is only beneficial the first time you learn it.  Students are training for proficiency rather than mere knowledge, so repeated, yet layered and expanded exposure to material is built into the training to promote integration of skills.


5 – Non-Traditional Martial Arts Environment

Class environment is non-traditional, with no “sensei”-student dynamic, no gi’s, etc.  Instructors lead a class through training, demonstrating and explaining but then often participating and actively coaching students.   The class environment is one governed by mutual respect all across the board.  The classroom environment is one that fosters mutual growth and camaraderie.

6 – Array of Track-able Paths to Progression

Both traditional weekly class formats and intensive periodic training formats are offered.  Each course is broken down into sub-blocks of instruction which can be covered as each students lifestyle allows so progression paths can accommodate modern lifestyles.  This also allows a student to be able to track and plan their own progress.  Students can go on a traditional path seeking rank promotion by covering each sub course inside a program or often if they have a specific interest they can take courses in that line of progress.  (Refer to paths to progress page)

7 – “Warriorship” System of Personal Development

Tang Wei is a dual-sided system and includes a system of personal development which can be focused upon jointly or independently for those interested. Many of the attributes of warriors particularly in terms of awareness, self-control, health, fitness and longevity have long been admired and sought by people from all walks of life. These attributes are developed deliberately through systemic training and study commonly referred to as self-development or in other circles could be translated as “warriorship”.  The Tang Wei warrior methods of exercise and meditation enhance physical, mental and spiritual development.  Study and practice of warrior philosophy and mindsets have direct application to enhance a person’s business and personal life.

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