The Long Struggle to Find a Name for 5XMM

It should be noted that prior to Tom Garriga, this system never had an official name.  It was simply known to the Ge and Huang families as “The Family System” in reference to their original Ge Jian Pai Family Sword System.  Being a family art, it was simply their tradition for teaching what they had learned about the arts of combat and personal progression.  Tom Garriga first used the name Hua Gen Bo meaning a Chinese Foundation to Fighting when he began to teach portions of this system in the 1980s.

His teacher Dok found that an amusing name that “sounded like an American trying to come up with a Chinese name”.  Later Tom used the name Wu Ji Quan Fa which means 5 Origins or 5 Extremes Martial Method.  This name stuck as Tom’s teacher Dok felt it sounded good as a Chinese name.  The simple name that we usually use for the system is Tang Wei or Tang Wei Fighting Method referring to Tom’s chinese name he was given by Dok.  Dok’s simplest suggestion for a name was for Tom to name the system he would teach after his own name since it was to be a continuing hybrid system.

Tom used the name Tang Wei for his business and school names and kept Wu Ji Quan Fa as the official name of the martial art that we teach.  The 5 Origins Martial Method referred to the 5 Superior Styles which made primary influence upon Ge Jian Pai.  Those 5 were 1-Ge Jian Pai itself, 2-Tai Ji Quan, 3-Tibetan Trul Kor, 4-Bagua Zhang, 5-Tui Na Qin Na

It was always understood that Wu Ji Quan Fa was never constrained to 5 Styles and that it was an open source all origin martial method open to all available information and so the name 5 origin was a bit misleading.

Most recently we realized that we are an open source system but that this is not the primary characteristic of Ge Jian Pai or of what Tom teaching today.  We are interested in and promote 5 Generic Universal skillsets which are the core Warrior skills.  Thus we use the term 5 Extremes Martial Method referring to the 5 most critical skill sets that we teach in Wu Ji Quan Fa.

Also, for practical purposes since Wu Ji Quan Fa has always been difficult for people in the United States to pronounce, we often simply call the System the Tang Wei Fighting Method or Tang Wei or the Tang Wei System etc after the Chinese given name of Tom Garriga.  That is likely the most common name that our system is known by from outsiders.  Those training are introduced to Wu Ji Quan Fa-5 Extremes Martial Method as a name as it explains the structure of the system that they are learning.

The difficulty in naming this art reflects the adaptive, cutting edge nature of the Tang Wei Martial Arts Association.  We care about developing the skills, not in spending time on marketing and other aspects that are peripheral to the Warrior’s Path.

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