The New Tang Wei Rapid Skill Building Seminar and Workshop Series

In 2017 the Tang Wei Martial Arts Association is pleased to launch the new Rapid Skill Building (RSB) Seminar and Workshop Series.

Many people are concerned about the growing trends of violent assaults and as such are seeking training in effective methods of close quarters combat.  However, not everyone has the opportunity to train on a regular basis or to join a regular Tang Wei Training Group.  To address this problem, the Tang Wei Association Board of Instructors has put in a heavy amount of work to create the new RSB Program.

Most people that train in combatives, defensive tactics and martial arts realize that close quarters fighting is a perishable skill.   It requires periodic maintenance and continued learning to stay sharp and ready.  For those starting up in training or for our long time students that want to maintain and sharpen their skills, or for those currently training that want to accelerate and supplement their training, the new RSB program is an ideal fit.

The RSB seminar and workshop series will be built upon a series of 4 core seminars that will repeat periodically.  These seminars will address the 4 most common types of scenarios (Direct Assault, Deceptive Surprise Assault, Blindside Surprise Assault and 3rd Party Scenarios) but will vary the specifics of the scenarios with each seminar to cover specific ways that those assaults manifest, i.e direct assaults are often committed by enraged or psychotic attackers, etc.

The seminars will introduce each of the 5 core skill sets of the Tang Wei System but will not have time to go into extensive depth due to time sake and the focus on getting the big picture understanding to the students that attend the seminars.  Related topical workshops will then be offered which will go into depth on what has been introduced in the seminars.

Our aim is to make all of the Tang Wei students effective operators and warriors in their own capacity.  You have to have the big picture understanding that comes from focusing upon likely scenarios and seeing how individual skills come together to give you the overall preparation for combat we are always preaching.  You also then need to build each of the individual skills, focusing on developing your own strengths and correcting weaknesses so you grow more capably and formidable year by year.

In Tang Wei we view being a warrior as a LIFETIME thing which follows you around regardless of changes in profession and zip code, etc.  The new RSB program allows you to develop and to maintain your readiness even when the seasons of your life only allow you to train on a limited basis a few times a year.  For those who train in other martial arts and want to supplement their training, it is an excellent way to diversify your training and skill sets.

For those in the Tang Wei Community looking for opportunities to share what we do with those you know may be interested, these events are a great way for people to get a feel for our system and our community.

For more information or to sign up for a seminar or workshop, please feel free to contact us. 


Tang Wei Martial Arts

Live With Honor.



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