January Tang Wei Workshop Review

To those who attended the Tang Wei January Workshops,

please use this blog to give us your feedback on the January EH Weapons Defense and Stick Fighting workshops.



Tang Wei Martial Arts Association


5 thoughts on “January Tang Wei Workshop Review

    1. These workshops were so helpful for free fighting training! It gave me a perspective on concepts that I need to hone in on to be more effective. I’d love more workshops just like this!


  1. The seminar was great. It was fun to learn and improve on my skills with all the teachers there. I enjoyed the structure of the seminar and would have loved to have even more time to get reps in.


  2. The workshop really brought home to me that I need to drill the evasive body and foot maneuvers and four corners more often. It was great to get personal attention from each of the seniors. I feel like I finally get coils and pivots. I only wish that I had a video of it to refer back to.


  3. I enjoyed the seminars and thought they were well-priced. It was great to have more room and plenty of input from instructors. I wouldn’t mind the seminar being slightly longer to allow for additional instruction and material.


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