Tang Wei February 2017 Seminar and Workshop Reviews

Tang Wei February 2017 Seminar and Workshop Comments:

“Tang Wei Seminars are a perfect mix of training, education and exercise.  The knowledge you gain while having fun is unbeatable.”

“Fantastic seminar with great information and skills that are usable today.”

“The seminar was excellent.  The drills were great and I was really glad there were multiple instructors.”

“I love the new seminar format, receiving pointers from all the instructor has been really helpful in comprehension and application of the techniques.

“I love these workshops! I always realize how much more there is to learn”

“This class was very eye opening.  It opens up so many options.  Thank You”

“Learning Tang Wei is the closest you can get to training with Bruce Lee… its affordable and practical for modern times.  I appreciate the constant feedback from multiple instructors and the opportunity to drill often.”

“Liked the surprise attack scenarios”