5th Step Instructor Kyle Whiteley


Kyle began training in Wu Ji Quan Fa (5XMM) under Grand Master Tom Garriga at the age of 15 and has been continuously dedicated to training and teaching since that time. Kyle earned his 1st Step Certification in 2000 and taught as an assistant instructor until 2002 when he earned his 3rd Step Certification and started teaching as the owner and head instructor of Wu Jin Dao (WJD) Training Group which continues to present day. Considered one of Master Garriga’s most dedicated and top tier students, Kyle achieved his 5th Step Certification in 2012. Kyle is currently one of the members of the Tang Wei Martial Arts Association (TWMAA) Senior Instructor council serving to oversee the development of curriculum and training methods in the 5XMM system.

Outside of training in 5XMM and operating Wu Jin Dao Training Group, Kyle has over 10 years of Armed Security and Military experience and has participated extensively in Military, Security and Law Enforcement Type Training programs. Kyle has served in the US Army, and is familiar with several modern military weapons and tactics. Kyle outside of training in the 5XMM system has received training in MACP, Positive Control Systems (PCS), Karate and Boxing.

Kyle has a passion for growth and learning, thus far having earned 2 college degrees while currently working on a 3rd degree in Business Administration International Management. Kyle is fluent in Mandarin Chinese through his time in the military. He is devoted to training and teaching the combative arts as these arts have greatly influenced and enhanced his own life and he feels they always tend to make people more formidable and capable yet paradoxically more moral and trustworthy at the same time.


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