Basics Course Outline

1st Step Basics Course

Engagement Strategy Material

  1. Engagement Methods Introduction: 1-Overt; 2- Ambush Counter; 3- Counter Ambush
  2. Disengaging Strategies: 1-Escape Option; 2-Non-Escape Option
  3. Diffusing Skills
  4. Distancing basics
  5. Stance and Positioning
  6. Observation Exercises
  7. Scanning
  8. Mental Mapping
  9. Safety Awareness Drills

Neutralization Tactics Material

  1. EH Free Fighting Tactics Introduction:
  2. EH Free Fighting Neutralization Tactics (1-EH vs EH; EH vs Knife, Baton, or Range 1 Pistol)
  • Outmaneuvering
  • Entering Kicks
  • Immobilization
  • Triangulation Strikes
  1. Introduction to Training Drills Mindset and Personal Code
  • Structured Simulation (AKA Technique line)
  • Semi Structured Simulation (A: Creative Problem Solving Drill, B: Adapting Drill)
  • Spontaneous Simulation (aka: Relaxed Hands Drill)
  • Stalking Drill Slow Simulation
  • Multiple Opponent Slow Simulation
  1. Combat Simulation Drills (Slow/Fast)
  • Single Opponent Drills (Starting in Structured Format-Semi Structured to work on directions of attack X Directions of Orientation- then spontaneous combat simulation drills)
  • EH vs EH
  • Ground fighting
  • EH vs Baton
  • EH vs Knife
  • EH vs Range 1 Pistol
  • Square Drill: Multiple Opponent Drills Introduction
    • Segment by segment freezing version
    • EH vs EH continuous standard drill
    • EH vs Knife, Baton, Range 1 Pistol
  1. Specific Skill Development Drills
  • Sticky Wrists Phase 1 Exercise 1, 2, 3
  1. Reversing Disadvantage and Ground work Techniques: 1-Grappling Counters 1 (Escapes-Takedowns/Throws); 2-Knife Defense Counters; 3-Basic Gun Takeaways;4-Groundwork Introduction; 5-Ground Grappling.
  2. EH Fighting Sets and Techniques: 1-Evasive Body Maneuvers, 2-Evasive Foot Maneuvers, 3-4 Corners, 4-Pa kua 1 (Set and Technique Intro);5-Hand Set 1 (Set and Technique Introduction); 6-Timing Techniques 1-10; 7-Bridged Fighting Techniques 1-10; 8-Kick Set 1 (Set and Technique Introduction).
  3. Weapons Usage Techniques: 1-Baton Basic 8 Fighting Patterns; 2-Knife Basic 8 Fighting Patterns; 3- Off Timings Knife Patterns; Off Timing Baton Patterns


Domination and Fight Finishing Material

  1. Power Drills 1-13: 1-Staff Drill; 2- Elbow Drill; 3- Straight Punch Drill; 4- Penetration Punch Drill; 5- Heavy Hands Part 1; 6- Emotional Flow Drill; 7- Inertial Engagement; 8- Front Rear Power Equality; 9-Congruent Weight Shifting for Strikes; 10- Tear dropping; 11- Weapon Pivot Points for Torque; 12-Diagonal Body Levers; 13 Soft Hand Leverage; Misc 1-Focus of Vision/Energy Projection; Misc. 2-Pakua Power Concepts; Misc. 3- Coils and Displacements
  2. Introduction to EH Primary Finishing Movements
  • Introduction to Sword Based Perspective on EH Basics
  • Striking: 1-Overhand Stabbing Strikes; 2-Underhand Stabbing Strikes; 3-Downward Strikes; 4- Inward Strikes; 5-Outward Strikes; 6-Elbow Strikes; 7-Spinning Strikes
  • Kicking: 1-Front Oriented Pronating Kicks; 2-Front Oriented Supinating; 3-Knee Kicks; 4-Rear Oriented Kicks; 5-Spinning Kicks
  • Grappling: 1-Inward Throws; 2-Outward Throws; 3-Inward Levers; 4-Outward Levers; 5-Crushing Claw/Dragon Claw
  1. Targeting with Modes of Bridging/Levels of Response Perspective
  • Target Zones
  • Anatomical Target Zones: 1: Head/Face; 2: Throat/Neck/Clavicle area;  3: Torso;  4: Groin/Leg;  5: Arms
  • Tactical Target Zones: 1: High; 2: Med/Low; 3: Periphery
  • Target Threshold Drill

Combat Concepts and Mindset Material

  1. Combat Concepts
  2. Introduction to WJCF Self Defense Mindset
  3. Combative Personal Code
  4. Bridging
  5. Pressing
  6. Introduction to Multiple Opponent Strategies and Skills
  7. Grappling Guidelines

Warriorship (Personal Mastery) Material

  1. WJQF Self-Mastery Introduction
  2. Warrior’s Path
  3. Warrior ship 1
  4. Ideal Personality
  5. Paradigm Upgrades Course
  6. Introduction to Paradigm Upgrading
  7. Basic Meditation (Compartmentalization)
  8. Exercises 1-Window Visual,
  9. Exercise 2-Three Things see, Hear Feel
  10. Exercise 3- 5 Things see hear feel
  11. Earth Element Meditation 1
  12. Fire Element Meditation 1
  13. Water Element Meditation 1
  14. Limbering Exercises
  15. Fitness Triangle (Diet, Rest, Exercise (Intensity Exercise Program, Muscle Synthesis Program))