Current Instructor Team

 5th Step Grand Master Tom Garriga is the head of the Senior Instructor Board.  Master Garriga has the final say on the development and instruction of the Tang Wei Fighting Method and Tang Wei Martial Arts Association.

Senior Instructors are active Tang Wei Instructors currently working in association with Tang Wei Grand Master Tom Garriga.  They actively work with Tom to develop the Tang Wei System.  Senior Instructors have achieved a 3rd Step ranking or higher with Tom Garriga or one of the approved senior instructors in the Association.  They are authorized to operate their own Tang Wei Training Groups.

Instructors are active 1st Step and 2nd step instructors.  They are qualified to be instructors in the Tang Wei Fighting Method and to form training groups in connection with and under the authorization of a Senior Instructor only.

5th Step Grand Master Tom Garriga

5th Step Instructor Adam Adair

5th Step Instructor Bruce Young

5th Step Instructor Kyle Whiteley

3rd Step Instructor Kody Jones 

3rd Step Instructor Sarah Jones

 1st Step Instructor Joel Black 

  1st Step Instructor Jacob Black

1st Step Instructor David Miller

More to come…