Curriculum Cycle, Enrollment and Progress

Curriculum Cyclic Structure: Each Tang Wei Program and course operates like a curriculum cycle that circles through the curriculum.  The advantage to this is that a student can jump into the cycle wherever it is and so open enrollment is possible without having a disorganized approach.

New students upon enrollment are given individual attention by an instructor that takes them through an introduction course of curriculum we call the enrollment launchpad where fundamental key items are taught in the first 2 to 3 classes.  After this launchpad a student joins rest of the class wherever it is in the curriculum cycle.

Basic enrollment level is to select one class per week to attend.  If a student can be consistent to come to class one night per week then we can keep them progressing through the Tang Wei System.  Each class is 90 minutes in order to have time to both learn and practice what is taught in each class.

Accelerated Progress: If students enroll in a second class per week they will be learning the same curriculum but each night of class at the training center will be at a different point in the curriculum cycle.  This allows each student that wants to learn at a faster pace to be able to double their exposure and avoids redundancy.  Signing up for unlimited enrollment will allow students to come to all regular and special topic classes offered and is the fastest route to progress.

Additional ways to accelerate progress are to take private lessons and/or attend open practice where instructors can help students further practice what they are learning in class. Attending the special topic seminars and classes each week that are not rank specific such as the Weapons Tactics class or Warriorship/Self-Mastery Classes are additional avenues of accelerated progress as well.