Intermediate Course Outline

1st Step Intermediate Course

Engagement Strategy Material

  1. Engagement Methods with Multiple Opponent Strategies
  2. Psychological Gap Closure
  3. Attack Problems 1-16
  4. SAFDA Model
  5. Opportune Moments 1-10
  6. Sensitivity Drills 1-3
  7. Observation Exercises
  • Visual Drill, Auditory Drill, Kinesthetic Drill

Neutralization Tactics Material

  1. Multiple Opponent Transitions of Neutralization Methods
  2. Free Fighting Empty Hand vs Weapons Part 2
  • EH vs Knife
  • Empty Hand vs Baton
  • Empty Hand vs CQ Firearm
  1. Slow Simulation Drills and Fast Simulation Drills
  • Multiple Opponent Drills (1-Square Drill Format;2- Stalking drill format; 3-random format)
  • EH vs EH
  • EH vs CQWs
  • EH vs Projectile Weapon/CQWs
  • Ground vs Ground (same as above 3 drills)
  • Ground vs Standing (Same as above 3 drills)


  • Technique Line (Structured, Adapting Drill, Creative Problem Solving, Spontaneous Technique)
  • Double Technique (Structured, Adapting Drill, Creative Problem Solving, Spontaneous Technique)
  • ½ Circle Drill
  • Gauntlet Drill
  1. Skill Building Exercises
  • Sticky Wrists Phase 2 Exercises 1-3
  • Sticky Wrists Phase 3 Exercises 1-3
  • Spontaneous Grappling Hold Escape Drill
  1. Total Time Gap Closure Combination Transitioning:
  • TTG Combination Finishes on one opponent
  • TTG Combination Finishes on Multiple Opponents
  1. Close Quarters Firearm Introduction
  2. Empty Hand Techniques: 1-Root Techniques Bases and Structures Introduction, 2-Kicking Combos 1-10 (a) exercise original Form, (b) Application/Mult Opp Fighting Exercises; 3-Bagua 2-4 Sets and Techniques; 4-Hand Set 2 (Set and Techniques); 5-Aggressing Grappling Techniques; 6-Throws Introduction Examples; 7-Kick Set 2 (Set and technique Intro); 8-Bridged Fighting Techniques 11-20; 9-Bridged Fighting Techniques 21-30; 10-Bridged Fighting Techniques 31-40; 11-Hand Set 3 (Set and Techniques); 12-Kick Set 3 (Set and Techniques)
  3. Reversing Disadvantage Techniques: 1-Grappling Escapes; 2-Knife Defense Part 2 (Advanced Hold Escapes); 3-Gun Defense Part 2 (Advanced Hold Escapes);4-Ground Fighting Techniques (Aggressive Skills, Multiple Opponent Skills Technique Sequences, Ground Fighting: Advanced Rolls and falls)
  4. Weapons Techniques: 1-Baton Fighting Information (Baton Grappling, Baton Extended Patterns, Baton Bridged Patterns, Baton Free fighting (offensive) Patterns, Baton Disarm Patterns); 2-Knife Fighting Information (Knife Off Timing Counters, Knife Offensive Patterns, Knife Extended Patterns, Knife Bridged Patterns)
  5. Double Baton Weapons Set

Domination and Fight Finishing Material

  1. Power Drills 14-21+ Misc.: Fire and Smoke, Panting Effect/Diaphramic Breathing, Reverse Body Torque, Short Hand Speed Drill, Relaxed Power Concept, Lazy Man Breathing, Shuffling for Power, Stacking Movements, Flick-Flick Drill, 5th Center Drill/Internal Void, Spirit Focus Power Concepts, Tiger striping
  2. Weapons Targeting: Knife, Baton, Pistol
  3. Balance Breaking-Concepts and Basics
  4. Tiger striping
  5. Compound Targeting Principle for Combinations

Combat Concepts and Mindset Material

  1. Kung Fu Philosophy Introduction
  2. Street Philosophy
  3. Spirit Focus
  4. Sparring (Fast Simulation) Drill Mindset-Personal Code Calibration Review (Ref course 1)
  5. Bridging Patterns
  • Spacial Gap Closure
  • Time Gap Closure

Warriorship (Personal Mastery) Material

  1. Warrior ship Group 2
  2. Paradigm Upgrade Example
  • Effectiveness
  • I Can Do Better vs I could have done better
  • Life is Combat
  • Resourcefulness
  • Self Support
  1. Compartmentalizing
  • Exercises 4- Five Things See, Hear, Feel, Then Notice what you Sense
  • Exercise 5- Subconsciously/Directly See, Hear, Feel, Sense-Know
  1. Wind Element Meditation 1
  2. Wind Element Meditation 2
  3. Void Meditation 1
  4. Warrior Lifetime Health and Fitness Perspective
  • Exercise Types (Strength/Power, Explosiveness/Power, Endurance, Flexibility, Qi Gong)
  • Health and Fitness Routine (Consistency and Flexibility=Adaptability)
  1. Special Forces Exercise Program
  2. Russian Exercise Program