Law Enforcement/Security Officer (LEO) Program

Geared specifically for active Law Enforcement, Military Police, and Armed Security Personnel.  This program focuses on a specific scope of curriculum that is most relevant to active LEO/Security personnel.


Designed as a supplement to an officer’s standard Defensive Tactics and firearm training.  The Tang Wei LEO program is designed to cover the specific “gap” of scenarios where firearms or other intermediate force tools cannot be effectively employed and which can only be covered by empty handed close quarters fighting skills.


The program includes soft arrest, hard arrest and survival tactics.  Combat movement fundamentals of power output, targeting, evasion, deflection, as well as counter ambush (particularly focused upon counter knife scenarios), close quarters counter firearm/firearm retention, ground fighting and grappling skills are all trained.  It also includes combat concepts, force continuum and mindset concepts relevant to LEO/Security personnel.