Tang Wei Training Groups

唐威武術學會Tang Wei Martial Arts Institute (Association Head/Washington Training Group Coordinator)

Located: San Juan Island, Washington; periodically travels to offer training in Salt Lake City, Utah and other locations in Western United States

Email: tangweireciprocity@gmail.com

Phone: 385-722-4167

Owner/Operator: Tom Garriga (Grand Master/Head Instructor of the Tang Wei System)

武進道 訓練班Wu Jin Dao Training Group (Utah Training Group Coordinator)

Located: Midvale, Utah. Travels to Offer Training Periodically to Other Locations in Northern Utah.

Phone: 385-722-4169

Email: Wujintaooffice(at)gmail(dot)com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wjdtg/

Youtube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyapGTNUFHn16prjFnt6kIA.

Operators: Kyle Whiteley (Senior Instructor), Kody Jones (Senior Instructor), Sarah Jones (Senior Instructor)

武極道武術館Wu Ji Tao Studio

 Located: 4894 S. Commerce Drive, Murray Utah

website: http://wjtslc.com/

Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/wujitaomartialarts

Owners/Operators: Jake Black, Joel Black (Instructors)

Phone: 385-212-4243


Herriman Utah Tang Wei Training Group

Located: West Jordan, Utah

Training Group Operator: Bruce Young (Senior Instructor)

contact: eldrath@yahoo.com


Riverton Utah Tang Wei Training Group

Located: Riverton, Utah

Training Group Operator: Adam Adair (Senior Instructor)

contact: slayre@gmail.com


Layton Utah Tang Wei Training Group

Located: Layton, Utah

Training Group Operator: David Miller (Instructor)

contact: davencyndi@gmail.com