Tang Wei Association


Tang Wei Martial Arts Association 

The Tang Wei Martial Arts Association (TWMAA) is an association of professional self-defense instructors teaching the revolutionary mixed self-defense system known as the Tang Wei Martial Method (TWMM or just Tang Wei for short).  Founded by Tang Wei Martial Arts President and Grand Master Tom Garriga in conjunction with his most senior instructors.

Facing violent criminal assaults is a real concern. The goal of the association is to provide the best self-defense training to the people who need it.  To men and women seeking to protect themselves and their families, to law enforcement working to protect their communities and to military personnel who work to protect the country.

The association brings together the combined talent of dozens of mastery ranked students, instructors and outside affiliates that have trained and worked with Tom Garriga in his 50+ year career teaching in the martial arts.  This allows us to ensure that you will receive the training you need to prevail and survive when your life is on the line.

Those wanting to be prepared to protect themselves and their families from violent assaults should find a certified TWMAA trainer and start training today. Invest six months to a year of your life in the Tang Wei System and come away with skills that can save your life when you face a violent confrontation and a perspective that will change your life forever, giving you the enduring peace of mind that comes from preparation.

Tang Wei Martial Arts Association

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Grand  Master Tom Garriga