Tang Wei Martial Method (TWMM)



-E.N.D. the fight fast. (E.N.D.= Engage, Neutralize, Dominate). Go where ever the fight goes.

The Tang Wei System is also known by its full name Wu Ji Quan Fa (五 極拳法 – 5 Foundations Martial Method) in representation of the five foundation structure of the system.  The five foundations are:

  1. Engagement Strategy: This is one part of the battle of the mind. It is how to recognize an assault before it happens and how to utilize strategy to give yourself a decisive advantage prior to physically engaging the enemy.
  2. Neutralization Tactics: Once the physical fight starts, how to use effective tactics to neutralize the enemy’s offensive and defensive actions to gain access to finishing targets.
  3. Fight Finishing: Accessing finishing targets with sufficient power to drop the enemy and immediately take the fight to the appropriate conclusion.
  4. Combat Concepts and Mindset: This is the other part of the battle of the mind.  Developing a warrior mindset and perspective to overcome combat stress and thrive in the combat environment.
  5. Warrior ship: Martial arts is about far more than fighting. It is a way of life and living, of thinking and behaving. Philosophy, meditation, and various forms of exercise are used to discover and reach your potentials mentally, physically and spiritually.

In summary, Tang Wei is a practical self-defense method geared for realistic combat scenarios; based primarily upon Tom Garriga and his extensive experience, as well as the combined experience of numerous instructors in the Tang Wei Association.  The system’s core tradition is to “use the best approaches available and to always be looking”.

What Tang Wei is and is not….

  • It is combat focused and is not a sport form: It is a purely combat oriented system focused on dealing with realistic criminal assaults. Tang Wei primarily teaches tactics which can mitigate differences in size and strength, which are illegal in competition. For example, methods of attacking the throat, eyes, groin, knee joint, cervical spine and other highly sensitive and vulnerable targets illegal in competitions are primary focuses. Practitioners of the Tang Wei Fighting Method typically do not participate in traditional competitions nor teach competition oriented skills.
  • It specializes in weapons usage and empty handed weapons defenses: Its core influence is a rare sword based weapons and empty handed fighting system called Ge Jian Pai.  This system was rumored to have been developed for life and death combat application on the battlefield during the warring states period in China. Ge Jian Pai specialized in Sword, Spear, Knife and Stick fighting methods which were then adapted for empty handed application with an emphasis for empty handed weapons defense.
  • It is a System rather than a Style: It is a systematic approach to overall martial arts learning.  Each person is unique in their external and internal attributes and comes from a different background of experience. Our mindset is that curriculum was created for the student, not the student for the curriculum. Based upon this we have a large systematic curriculum that shares concepts in a wide spectrum approach so that everyone can relate to it and use the system to enhance their own unique and intrinsic ways of fighting.  You use the system to evolve your personal core style.
  • It is an open sourced composite system with 20+ styles serving as heavy influences:  While Ge Jian Pai serves as the foundation of Tang Wei, Ge Jian Pai also had a long history of seeking out and integrating skills from many sources of martial arts, primarily in the East Asia region but also with several western influences. The only criteria for integration was that methods had to be reliable, applicable and decisive for application in a real, no-rules combat environment.
  • It is progressive:  The Tang Wei System has been periodically updated to stay on the cutting edge for modern threats. The Tang Wei Association has continued to update and compile additional skills such as modern firearms usage and defense, tradecraft and field craft, military tactics and strategies, meditation, healing methods, personal development skills and anything else which can make a warrior more effective.
  • It is Non Traditional: We do not use a traditional “dojo” approach to training.  There is no “sensei/guru” above the student dynamic, but rather instructors are dedicated trainers seeking to cut the crap and simply share knowledge and skills with you.  Mutual respect is the cornerstone of how we train and of the dynamic fostered during training.
  • It is principle based and skill based rather than technique based: It is focused on preparing students to apply skills in realistic combative scenarios which are extremely fast paced, completely unscripted, and unrelenting.  Universal patterns of motion are practiced and drilled with principles of adaptation being stressed so that patterns of motions can function against multiple types of attack with only minor alterations. An array of training drills are used to give students a frame of reference for fighting while maintaining safety and avoiding injury.

Tang Wei Mission Statement:

Train warriors to live with honor and build lives worth defending and then to be very good at protecting the lives they have built. Train warriors in the most effective combat tactics, strategies and mindsets so they can END a fight fast and go wherever a fight goes.