Youth Training Program

This is not your average kids’ martial arts program.  We do not accept all children into the program.  There is both a Martial Arts aspect and Self Defense Aspect.  It will include many of the aspects of normal youth martial arts programs and will be a lot of fun, fostering physical and mental development, but it will also cover some more intense self-defense scenarios along with relevant skill sets appropriate for youth application.


Because of the self-defense aspect of the program we are somewhat selective in accepting youth into the program, as success in the program depends upon a certain amount of maturity. We target this curriculum for children ages 8-12 but depending upon the child’s maturity level and size, at times we will accept students ages 6-7 on a case by case basis so talk with an instructor if you have children in this age range that you want to enroll.


On the Martial Arts side of the program it will include empty handed and weapons “sets” (called 套路 “tao lu” in Chinese or “kata” in Japanese).  It will also include training of rolls, falls, and agility drills that we call “crash proofing”, as well as basic striking, kicking, grappling and weapons movements.  Several drills and games are taught, designed to foster the physical and mental development of the students.


On the Self Defense side of the program, students will learn counter abduction techniques and skill sets as well as counter bully self-defense techniques and skill sets.  Proper emphasis is placed upon mindset, awareness and verbal skills. Warrior philosophy is taught in relation to the self-defense side of the program to foster students’ moral development.


Although serious but critically important self-defense topics are covered, this class is light hearted, fun and confidence building, generally being taught through games, drills and exercises.  We encourage parents’ observation and involvement as some of what is learned is meant to coordinate with parents developing certain emergency preparation plans at home which they would have their children follow.